Participate in our pre-sale in order to win up to 30k $YTI

Participate in the YEETI pre-sale in order win up to 30k YTI! [$YTI] is the new revolution in trading robots. With the YEETI bot, investors can still generate a profitable return without any knowledge of trading, investing or technical analysis. YEETI bot is a self-learning AI bot that learns from past mistakes, making connections, technical analysis, when to buy and sell and how to trade between different trading platforms. YEETI will make a profit of up to 90% of its trades, even if the markets turn red. It’s not about double profit numbers, but about making small gains. Simply deposit your chosen amount and the bot will do the rest — no configuration work required. Start with an investment that suits you and watch your portfolio grow every day through the compound principle (investment is possible in YTI, BNB, ETH, USDT). You are fully in charge of managing your portfolio, your deposit and able to withdraw at any time.

YEETI is giving away a total value of 30,000 YTI tokens to 15 lucky investors and loyal community members. By following the steps below you have a chance to be one of the winners.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Go to the YEETI 30,000 giveaway event form
  2. Follow the official Telegram channel and/or Discord server
  3. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Medium
  4. Share the coverage of this giveaway action on our social media channels
  5. Buy at least 0.1 BNB of YTI tokens via the DxSale presale from the 25th of june | 23:00 UTC +2.
  6. Give us your BSC wallet address and other details on the giveaway form

* each follow and share will give you 1 extra ticket.

A requirement for winning: You must have purchased at least 0.1 BNB worth of YTI tokens in the pre-sale. 10 extra tickets will be rewarded for every extra 0.1 BNB you buy of our YTI token.

* The tokens will be sent after a successful pre-sale, the prize winners will be contacted in advance. The prize winners will also be announced on various YEETI channels.

Yeeti is the next revolutionary trade robot. Invest to generate passive income with the compound method.